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Dugi's ’ is available in the form of a small window in the game, which is your goal and current orders. Everything you need to know is included in the manual for you and everything will be updated when you finish the missions. ’ tea will always have an arrow points the way and ’ you ever wonder where to go or what to do, even if you've won a few stages in the BGs or Dungeon. I did it and it worked, but now it doesn't work no my videos. Windows Media Player, Nero, no matter what you try, all videos run automatically closed. Well, I have Unistalled DivX and install the XviD codec and problem solved! Now I can see my AVI well back. in my case it was cousin DivX all problems. I would ask for more help if I could (I know that is another issue, but it may be hope, questions) when you maximize my window lose the glass-like effect of Windows aero, and window is black …. Does anyone know how to avoid this? Description – this error occurs if the DivX file tries to generate a preview of the film, with video, see the folder. Fix – the right mouse button on the folder (folder containing XviD encoded AVI file), which causes the error goto Properties, then click the Customize tab and “ the folder where you want to? ” and among them there is a drop-down list. Select “ all ” in the list and click the box that says “ model also applies to all subfolders ”. This frees the error when browsing folders that contain encoded AVI files DivX. * Please note that only these error messages to minimize can delay normal Windows functions. Ex-Elementos delete, move the items you want to copy items, send the same properties and elements of change for Windows. I have the same problem, even if Windows Explorer is open to any folder (with video). I installed Nero on this Vista system and I have the error message … that I tried, my DivX 6.5 codec update, but when the discharge has been warned is not compatible with Vista yet? Tips?Thanks a lot. I don't know if the ’ s a coincidence, but I have what this figure explaining what ’ t get on the Internet anymore. This happens when I reboot my pc. I ’ m.: 1 Firefox message has finished 2. IE 7 has finished working3. Windows Explorer no longer work. I have restored a previous configuration and I ’ m is still and always the same questions. I installed Windows Vista Home Premium w/1.5 g of RAM. It was (so normal Windows) all good luck Black quietly, but after I updated Nero to 7.9.6 everything was back to normal. I have these problems since day one. I have Nero, DivX and XviD. I have tried uninstalling all these applications to solve the problem. But now, good luck. But when installing the Windows Vista codec pack, it worked immediately. Substitute for this shit com took me. I get the error message the message Windows Media Center has stopped working in Windows Vista Premium, i have all my software updated all drivers and almost always wrong, I also tried the Microsoft easy assist and still nothing can help you. Windows Explorer no longer work. Whenever I click on the Internet, that this error message Windows to burst. How can I solve it? … n ’ then t has a bug with replace com. but my computer is very slow; Then “ ” process in Windows Task Manager, which is the right thing to do? I m ’ have the same problem: YodaddiApril 12, 2007 07: 28i get the message: 1 Firefox 2 ended. IE 7 has finished working3. Reset Windows Explorer has stopped working. the previous configuration and I am still asking the same questions. — — — — — — — — — — — — — —-problem seemed to start after installing the latest version of Nero and rebooted. You may need to download the Nero cleaning tool to determine if that resolves this issue. I have a gateway gt5412 Windows Vista. the ‘ message com surrogate has stopped working. a problem caused the program to work properly. ’ this message appears when you turn on the loading and unloading of the program. How can I get rid of this anothen. Hello. I have Windows Vista and IE 7 allows with Nero and the same problem tryed to spare that rename file and the problem was gonne Yeah but then it is possible that some pages in the light flash, really need. So once again and the problem of Dugi Guides Windows 8 the breakdown of ~ is really new. Good tip, Dugi … install the latest version of Nero (7. (7.5.1) and solved all the problems for me. Alan McC wrote this correction, which could solve the problem in a much simpler method. Essentially the data execution prevention Dllhost (the COM surrogate) can disable this fix for some people, this is below the details of this solution be.-peter goes j. (p.s. community used codecs and codec pack Windows Vista package.). I have Windows Vista 64 and envy had downloaded. Since then they have “ replace ” com has stopped working disaster. then I tried the Alan Mc C method to solve the problem, and it worked like a charm. Thanks, this site is very useful for you. I ’ that I use often. ,,.