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Or it is possible new evidence to light, that changes then take these conclusions. This is how science works. In fact, volume weight in particular for Coca Cola but. Coca-Cola not only because they lack of movement this weight contributed to win Coloas – as well as my eating less and living in reality queues. and I can honestly say that I drank little or even no water.Cole are not evil – most things not bad, it's bad, only if you can maintain control of their consumption. Finally – cakes and sweets and ice cream – tail is very nice. treat. And desserts are better, if they didn't. continuous. :). Actually, I'm not thin, but I am far from fat. 25 years consume diet for my entire adult life (order sugar drink soda when I was 20). I am not overweight, I have no diabetes, no heart disease. This mean that I have evidence? You are welcome. It simply means that it is science and there is no science. Up to a real Studio where identical individuals who had the same diet have to do the same exercise and the same amount of the same beverage drunk, is all just propaganda. I hope that it does not assume that orange juice or Apple juice or Gatorade is much better than a coke or Pepsi. Come on, man. Although 98.99% number is correct, this means that 1% of the population is overweight, without eating too much. And I bet, it is likely to be less that if you quote any relevant studies then do, who knows. Whatever it is, is not 1 of every 100 that you're not going to meet someone on the Internet with a condition so, so small that it is unlikely that either so don't be rude. As soon as a girl, ate tons, was by bulimia and could not for the life of their integration in each weight. 5 to 10 years and weighs 100 pounds (soaked) It was so bad that only an upset stomach that would complete the things on the edge to try to support the weight. It was difficult emotionally to her. Only a few people are born with bizarre metabolism, etc., get off your caballo-hombre. «Yes, the excuse of the gland, all metabolism is just the modern way of saying: I'm not fat, I'm high.» Yes, some people do not have these problems, but the majority are greedy pure fat, lazy. It is as it is, some who do not believe that these studies more. Increasingly, when lately, this absurd studies identify the exact opposite of years, he said. They do so because they are in the news study group. otherwise it would not be news. with respect to nutrition, the majority of people who tend to drink because being overweight. They are the people that tend to gain weight easily. What makes this useless study. Don't forget that if you have more than what one can consume Coca cola a day, probably not as much as you need to water. And dehydrated to drink more soda, not how much water means that to keep you more weight. From changing my soda with water, and drink more than they, I have lost weight. And drink only diet. It did not work.I agree with you, but you can eat and drink of stimulants, usually in another area to which, if you control a. That happens to me much. The horrible truth is, you must be careful, if you want to be healthy. Three drinks a day is very harmful to bones, kidneys (think caffeine!) and as the most likely replacement for water consumption (you must drink at least in the vicinity of 8 glasses a day if they are not followed). I agree with that fellow, drinking tons of food, under the pretext that has zero calories, but never to look at, which uses ingredients in this formula zero calories have been sitting? In my experience, much more weight that only Kalorien.Ein not necessarily win example, weight but only general fitness and health is that after certain avoiding the food for a week brushing and processed dry my body for a week 40% reduced cellulite. It comes without a ton of money on creams or treatments that often leave without measurable results and a big hole in your pocket. Recycle bin in the empty tank you you, just because you fill? Why are you trying to the body in this way? I kissed my way up to VP in an insurance company. Now, I am more than $600,000 of your health dollars for no additional benefit for your health. And so am I. Think how many other VPs, directors, managers, etc. is my only company. Now, with thousands of people in hundreds of other insurance companies they multiplied. 10-25% of your money in the administration of health, which does not add any value to your health. But $ CAP will hold little people in leads her to believe that a single payer system will be evil for evil way. Only a few people as you are too stupid. Few people realize that a single-payer system the only system that would allow people small (for example, an entire country) to negotiate prices better health. Some people are not aware that medical cartels already know. And this is the reason why More Than Just Friends Country Song the gap of hospitals and doctors in lobbying against a single-payer system medical cartels spend lots of money. Some people say that it would cost a single system the people paying. But if that were true, then doctors and hospitals wouldn't want more money? Yes, I would. Then, what medical cartels against a pressure of single-payer system? This is because medical cartels know that negotiating a small tribe, it would allow the best prices for health. And that's what fear signs of health care. But we need not worry about big wigs cared health insurance companies, hospitals and pharmacy companies no matter how much the cost. We got our health of paid one way or another. the people. And we got the little work in our company to contribute to our PACs. And us big wigs, is to protect the jobs of the people. But in reality would be in the interest of peoples children do not contribute to the CCP. However, some people are too stupid. I've never worried about losing my job, with many posters medical small brain-washed money from PACS. Not only that, PAC sign money becomes the doctor uses, has chosen to many Republicans, who will never be a single payer system. The Republicans have always fought against any meaningful health system reform. But is that the wages, what our medical PACs agreements. Politicians can be easily purchased.Very quickly, the only people who can afford health care is for us big wigs. And that is as it should be. We want a few people using the resources when we need them. And once more I say thank you to people clogged my 113700 SS tax level. Spend only 1.2% tax SS and few people pays 6.2%. Also, thanks to cuts to expand my taxes. Use the extra money in my house. She drank the koolaid I see paleo! Perhaps might be interested know that the cave was cereal and legume food. Placing some items for you, but I'm on my phone. It is a great TED talk that you probably find on YouTube. Good diet paleo is that it is processed and junk food promotes the consumption of vegetables. But it is only a mode of energy and I think the consensus is that people eat not the cave of her paleo diet! My parents always bought soda, when I was a child, was water and tea without sugar. I was happy for the moment, but I'm grateful, because until today water and tea without sugar every kind of drink, dear. All know too sweet and does nothing to quench my thirst. Sugary drinks make thirsty. So it is today still a water and tea without sugar. Very obese people that I know are on steroids or other drugs that cause which take weight. Often, you will find that people obese with large amounts of fat in unusual places very sweetly abuse. Know that you people who live on salad, exercise regularly and I can not lose weight, ice and snacks to eat what they want and they and win no. Try not to judge. Yes, there is a problem in this country, and each time, when someone tries to an idea of more movement and less food waste to find children eat, eat healthier, someone jumps to try food should tell parents how to raise their children. Sugar is only part of the problem, we use too too salty. When it came to children for the tail, there is much more support at the present time. Yes, it may even be bad for you, regular or diet. Regular soda has large amounts of sugar and high-fructose corn syrup. Your body nutrition has artificial sweeteners, which, as they try to be confused. And both cause the same problems, such as such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and so on. Regardless of whether you drink more or less especially when binge eating. Anything can be bad for you, if you eat much. Damn, could even in the OD water.! whatever happens only lower intake and following around a healthy diet. You have to keep any Olympic athlete or anything, simple things.Moderation is the Schlussel.sie can limit the amount that feeds, no matter what is at stake. I realized how easy, it would be an opportunity to cut the calories by drinking soft drinks with artificial sweeteners to jump to people. Although this seems like a good idea, there are many other factors and risks are taken into account. Aspartame has been linked to the natural standard database to other problems such as headaches, dizziness, mood swings and panic attacks. I think things are going well, en masse, and artificial sweeteners, like everything else, must not already consumed. Exactly! I have 37 pounds since January lost, have recently begun, drinking nutrition (3 weeks?). But since I started, it gave me the edge, and I managed to lose a few extra pounds. Remedy is the diet, but for those who are trying to lose weight, may be an alternative if you want to pamper. Why the hatred for Americans fat? Are they all to write these messages us healthy lean? In any case, I'm actually very healthy for an older atmosphere of America. It works 3 times per week (Crossfit), play basketball and see what I put in my body.Some posts here say that fat people too much food and that is probably true, in many cases (combined with lack of exercise), but also, or what is most important is what you eat. My mom eats like a bird (hard disk), but is still overweight. Lack of exercise and diet are the two factors that I can see. Sugar is their Feind.Verarbeitete foods (including artificial sweeteners) are his enemy. Wheat products does not favor and is neither Pope favorite all Americans –. More importantly in my opinion what you eat. Lean protein, vegetables and nuts, to eat fruit. If you are thirsty – water. The tea is not sweet or green tea MCD but their own as the front of the bottle. And so much hatred. I am not perfect and did not. Our health is a threat to our national security. It is implemented through design failure (for front-line-level, see under / not, because good people are in general concerned), or the obvious on the face and the system are systematically (can give you the benefit of the doubt and say that it is a coincidence) is missing. Do not seek (note, not to find what you are looking for – old trick) or infections (yeast/fungi/STREP) to diagnose and not am convinced that test very well, although they controlled. many false negatives (the disease is today, but no test). Our diagnostic capability to reach us and the health of entire countries suffer. They are often too short and sent millions of people in a way that is known, failure and is not correct. It is wrong, how things appear. Missing important steps in the diagnosis of bacterial infections the streets only champignon.pas. among them. And they affect blood sugar. Who can farm have an infection, if my blood sugar is high, but this shit a waste system is almost impossible and you want to find with every step of the way (aspect makes more, as they know it and the regime in this way so that can make more money with you and weasel to the penny you.)However, only the obvious fact). You have to work hard and go through many doctors helps to achieve that you need, and it is wrong. Health care is a business and not got any help we need. I'm not sure that stands in the way, but please delete. The paranoia of the regime soda is very similar to the paranoia of global warming. Bad science produced by people with an axe grinding. What is best for a low calorie diet, a diet with 0