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Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Malaysia

. Send, click the button to send this information to us. This confirms that you understand that there is no t & # 39 place people jobs and any company for recruitment. More details on our payment. Formation of test oil plant works on a oil rig is ideal for considering formation of a basic survival certificate and fire control offshore. This course can take a year and a half ago and physically very demanding and difficult.Once done, you will receive a certificate valid for four years and will give you a step of a job on an oil rig and is certified not gaze upwards, from another. Train course that uses, life vest, the technical capabilities of floating water security, cable jump heights and other useful skills that would be needed, if you use aboard an oil platform at sea. Divers are qualified help ordered every training session, if necessary. Further training consists of rescue helicopter escape and Rescue diver.Other courses, training, which can be useful for work or a job on an oil rig in skills are available. These include the fight against fires, drilling, lifting, material handling and other specific training courses. If preparing vocational training or other employment in the industry, simply fill out the form on the right and click ' Send '. Hello Mr. guest Rebecca, I m, a mechanical engineer who works on the India by CGSB in service for two years, after finding a better chance in offshore. please help I have a good job in cell offshore. + 91-9972852146. Launched many mechanics, jobs abroad, making many companies send us your CV and what was the response? I have no experience with the move, but I have some sort of attitude of hard work. According to the rating are unconscious a lycée type. ’ I m waiting for a safe place all the Starter work for oil rigs. Please guide me for a career in the industry of the rig. Alphonso 3184520161 Davis (phone) and I'd like to be working abroad, because more experience and knowlwege.for in the oil industry in the terra di lavoro. Jessee, thanks for your comment. Along the coast outside job seeker, what you did to get it and what were the results? Bless you. My father Stefano, have 2 years of experience in the offshore oil field. I am interested in your company Mr reply thank you Mr President. I am an individual with reasoned labour skills and Arbeitsmoral. Ich several different tasks in the power station industries. Ich worked various commercial work. I have OSHA 10 certification, platforms, cranes, signaling, lifts, boom etc.I want to work, to make the experience. Shoe or available. Travels. I don't have any experience in oil rig, but a ’ mechanical towing for years and years looking for something new and that pays the best reason to support the bride without work, and my mother who is disabled and has won State soldiers ’ t to help your BehinderungWenn more information call Nick 573-535-4593. Work as a sailor on the Mississippi for AEP River operation and are looking for a more lucrative career because it seems to be a pilot or Captain far into the future. I tried to ask my mapa-Z and other required licenses, additional training to complete tasks, but they told me that this very low certification is required for some wells offshore jobs. I'm looking for a job on the test bench, for a year and a half and never got to see a family eventually a ResponseI and more than $ 20,000 current step I need help costa work PleaseRegardsJesse Hyndman. I am a man based in the United Kingdom, which take care of a reorganization of probations without relevant qualifications in the offshore sector, except for the desire to work hard. Are long hours at work and through the 6weeks road used by the family. Worth is for me a career in offshore-think? Thanks a lot. Hi, I have no experience with offshore work I took and learning is a grain-import exportacion who wanted the plant for offshore work, refiner work for the people and the people to know, if I can actually ice rink has worked perfectly for me. Goodbye the Dear are Mohammed Adama got his expedition Masseag update my resume, my welder 6 g class ships fully working 12 years experience so I have a commercial interest for any occasion please give me reply ID SirEmail Hello Sir, I am a student of graduation. I have great interest in off-shore platform for oil and gas in all parts of the world, and it is my dream to have a job at the coast of the area off the rig. I expected a long period of service in this area, as well as the attitude of hard work, but Don ’ know how to get into this field. So please guide me how to this profession because I am ready for any beginner position in oil rigs. Please guide me to a better career in the company of oil rig to get. Since I was 16-22 ’ vista is its construction. Prior to working in the field. I know that the hard work and difficult conditions. 6yra was my way to the top of the collection in WH/product chemist with Pepsi. It is no longer happy, looking for a new change of mass. New business. I need reports that is close to what I did and the oil and gas industry. Ready as always to start from the bottom. You know who is the platform on the coast and within any adjustment? Very eager to learn. Hi was negotiating with more than 15 years of contract management in 41 years in construction since suo Schulzeit. Tischler and a supervisor and trainer for the start of the new sites. looking ready, working long hours, allows to work at something and the absence of a Hause. Bereit, the world my chances are willing to do anything and start from the bottom working abroad. 4 weeks wouldn't be no drilling in Canadapide some experience before sending to my ability to race off the coast of Meinung. Vielen thanks to Scott. Dear Sir, my profession is the platform of the supplier of materials (off-shore and Onshoare) with 25 years of experience. I'm looking for a new job as coordinator of the materials to the Office of the base or reach the rig. Without knowledge is the biggest obstacle for off-shore work for people who want to.But things are not impossible to achieve this doe. What kind of responses have Rothstein his job search? If you ever worked out view ’ the coast should be initiated to the input layer. Once in six months of experience under your belt that you can select in which direction you want to go. The United Kingdom is very hot right now for major concerts. That apply, and what was the response? See you. Large order off for people with degrees in mechanical engineering. The company's response and what was the response? I ’ m off to retrieve.I ’ I am a young woman who is very difficult to use, work in printed packaging factory with men. I would love to have the opportunity to work abroad. Arbeitszeiten. Ich dirt and long has my card T.W.I. C, please send me an email with the information. Mr President, I am harmony Singh, currently in India's Navy as an aviation senior technical specialist. (Ich habe Interest Offshore Oil Rig Jobs Malaysia Großes UN einem Beitritt offshore-Öl-exploración1) have prepared a summary of the project, guide me where to send threats2) Mr President, I am interested in buying the premium service, but I retired on August 30, 2014 will be good to attend Knowregards Sir! I love the work offshore as a leader. So nice and pleasant to work and hate and the team learns-Phangan. If I'm looking for a job outside the coast. My boyfriend is interested in working on an oil platform off the coast, near the city of Houston, Texas and has never done a job. He is a worker. This time HES a craftsman. Father, I thank you for your comment, are not direct rental company. For more information about together off the coast will have its offshore jobs guide free. I have 6 years of experience. I broke, as a labourer for 2 years. He worked in service platforms for 2 years. Eliote in drilling for 2 years and now I ’ want to go away. Thanks, Daniel. ,,.