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All the stories in the book dozens of poetry has rhythm, rhyme and repetition, but also humour and lots of illustrations. The book is read aloud to two people develop as if says Hoberman, a game for two vowels. every story from both sides of the side of the page follows the same format. Therefore, it is easy to know, who's going to read each line, the text in three colours and three columns. A person reads the words Reading Children's Learning Center in purple in the left column of the magenta read words on the right side, and read the words in blue in the middle. Both drives come and go at the end of the story. Each story ends with reading in unison, and read a version of the song that I read. In the NDR, Mary Ann Hoberman left clear that the purpose of the book promotes education. She sees his audience as a handful of units (two children or a child and a parent, in a literacy program) or a novice and advanced reader (an older child or an adult). They have divided to read, read to you: very short stories to read with children and the AdultesJe for the success of Hoberman can attest. I was particularly glad to see that this book by reading a source of laughter, no player that is common and tends to be very nervous, stress, for a young friend of reading aloud. I highly recommend this book to you and me, I'm going to read all the books of reading series for all audiences, as taken by the author in the places of interest and much more. The Council set for 3-5 years; young children will not only appreciate the poetry of history, but that often help poems with phonemic awareness. It can sound at the beginning, middle and end is very important in the process of formation. Ideas, like the series on the use of the classroom, see Editor. Most children enjoy all the positive attention that can read aloud books and pictures can help. But especially for children who have difficulty reading, it can read aloud to some children, are stressful. Book stunning series of images of the poems by Mary Ann Hoberman history, read me, I read, is a great resource for beginners to readers of all ages. Read to me, I read to you: very short stories read together like the other books in the popular series the joy of reading aloud. If getting the children (or adults), it is important, that offer the possibility of reading. Reading aloud can help readers become more liquid and can help you identify areas where you need help. ,,.