CB Engine

Cb 23 Engine Manual

Written by Craig Turner to browse the many pages of this manual, it is very complete, is October 31, 2013.Papel quality and text. Attach a little lite. in Japan, sold from 1967 to 1972 uses CB750A the same engine as the CB750, but upset by low compression 7.7: 1 and smaller Carburetors, reduce production, hp 47.0 (35.0 kW). Same engine oil and gearbox and the engine was changed to a. Nighthawk 750SC boasts a 4-stroke engine with a 5 speed manual transmission, transmission, and drum brakes rear front disc. Introduced in 1976 Honda CB750A in the United States, with the designation suffix automatically, automatic transmission. Although the two speeds is typical of an automatic transmission includes a torque converter, transmission not change gear for the driver automatically. Each course are selected in a hydraulic control valve / foot switch (similar to the operation of the gear motor). Check the distance of two valves that will change the distance, since you how to insert a thickness gauge (5) between the temperature rises. Adjust the screw (6) and the valve stem. Configuration must be performed if the distance should be: the piston is at the top of the compression stroke intake: 0.10 mm (0.004 inch) if the intake and exhaust valves. You can use the engine and exhaust, to ensure the best quality and reliability are cool before touching. only Honda genuine parts or their new • injury caused by moving parts. Equivalents for repair and replacement. Do not operate the engine unless it. It must be repaired by a Honda dealer, unless the owner has the data service and tools right and mechanically qualified. Find the official workshop manual Honda. * In the interest of the safety of these elements, it is recommended only Honda dealer maintained. Skills and tools provided by the manual Honda agent workshop as paid, so good number of maintenance and repair tasks to help their distributors. Accessories which are not indicated in the standard figure. Inspector: Turn the rear wheel easily and then stop, the replacement auto lax string, stop the Cb 23 Engine Manual engine, control of the vehicle. Repeat this process on its stand and never move. Soft chain disk must remain in neutral gear. The wheel if the vehicle is or is generally only by a Honda in accident cause make sure that your Honda technician or other qualified mechanic. Dispenser control all important parts, even if you are in the owner's manual are only some repairs. Rinse the hand after clean the vehicle thoroughly with large amounts of clean water. After cleaning your vehicle, consider a cleaner commercial spray corrodes / alloy parts can with strong detergent residue. Or on the engine and the application of wax liquid or dry quality of the vehicle. The level of the top note should be retained should (1) and lower filling (2) Cap/dipstick level oil, marked from a lack of oil on the Guide (3). The pressure can cause serious damage to the engine. Start the engine and let it idle for 3-5 minutes. If the grinding with the arm or rigid support, side have cleaner checked the PIN and grease the screw pin hard against the side of the oil engine. Rear wheel so that the motorcycle on the Centre stand. • Remove the spark plug from the engine of the vehicle Hood (do not use any plastic or in a safe place to save.) Other materials uncoated) and store to connect the spark plug spark not heated zone, free of moisture Cap slowly release the clutch lever and at the same time gradually change of right growth engine can avoid damaging the speed through the hole in the throttle. Engine and transmission. Coordination of the clutch lever and gas provide goodwill. When the vehicle reaches a moderate speed, close the throttle, pull the clutch lever and put 2. Install the oil dipstick. If a torque wrench is not used to start the engine and let it idle for 3-5-installation, you will find the Honda dealer first minutes. How to verify a successful installation. Change the engine oil. ,,.