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Babypips Wall Street Forex Robot

Wall Street Racing for about 6 months and never a penny, is it true. Came and hit a winning transaction after another, but there is the turn and lose everything that he deposited in a company. In the rule to buy or sell at the wrong time and leaks, will not be stopped if developments on the market quickly. It was not uncommon that wakes up and result one hundred in the hole and shops remained active in a significant loss. I think it would be hard to be away from this environmental impact assessment. It is because of my previous report in August. After many tests and experiments I am pleased to announce, that it the best EA, I bought. I've tried dozens in recent years, but none has produced benefits, such as the Wallstreet. You're probably using the standard pairs you will lose money. I put 8 pairs of more profitable in the last 9 months and I have everything for the sake of the recovery and the real mode to close. I'm still 15 to 30% return per month. 31.08.2011 2stars outstanding results in the demo, so I decided to buy 2 licenses and work directly with the 2 guides. Both are after 2 months under water. The profits are rare, and the losses, though rare, are enormous. Occur, try to break you and then is beaten by a bad deal. It is not uncommon for winning trades from 8-10 on, must have completed only through the exchange of 1. I have a demo and Babypips Wall Street Forex Robot an account with the same runner and the results are very different. It seems to be very easy for the real money account lose the good services, but miss not the great loss. The demo is one of 45% after 2 months and the account of 15% in the same Zeitraum.Die results clearly not met the expectations, and I recommend that you buy only this EA. Answer from customer service and was only that others use none or it received advice as you. ,,.