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Description of the appliance the logo creator makes it easy for all types of graphs, such as corporate logos, sports logos design, religious, real. The Logo Creator is an application that allows you to quickly create logos for websites, presentations and another show.The user interface is intuitive and consists of three The Logo Creator Price small window where you select objects, actions and see the results.Then you can add your own text or create a motto or slogan for your taste and are adapted to the insert image template can (balls, swooshes, stars, banners and forms).When it comes to text, you can specify the format (attributes, radius of the circle and rotation, size, character and line spacing) and change color (for example the gradient type, number of cycles).But you can also use the shadow settings (such as opacity, blur radio shadow off mode), blur (disable opacity, blur), add the contour (opacity, width, color, clear limit), as well as text effects more (contour 3D double, gloss, metallic, neon, mirrors, etc.).Relative to other objects, you can change their attributes (opacity, scale, angle flip image horizontal or vertical), color (opacity, color, gradient, normal), shadows and blur (both are similar to the shadows and blur).You can set the import of color screen background image from your hard drive to the thumbnails of the logos, export or save as template, use cancel and repeat steps to bring elements to the foreground or send new group, grouping, lock or unlock objects remove white, reproduce a logo element and many more.The program uses a number of medium to high system resources, contains a comprehensive help file and show no errors during the test. Sometimes it takes time for changes (especially when it comes to text), and the trial is strictly regulated.The Logo Creator is a simple tool for the design of logos, but really not professional solutions. However, it is easy to use, even for beginners and recommend that you try it. ,,.