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Hi, I'm Charles Henson with computer in Nashville. In this video, I show your MacBook Pro on the factory reset, you. So, first what we want is to track and switch the Mac Book Pro and check and r. press would, and we want these keys in the boot sequence. This is the boot loader is loaded. Therefore, I want to warn you, that you make sure that you have backup data before you want to do this. Since completely wipe this all Mac Book Pro. Therefore, after you start the utility in Mac OS X, then you must select that you need to reinstall Mac OS X software. If you select of the other counts the time machine. While you have backed up your data, you will restore also from here. Therefore, we have decided to install Mac OS X and continuous control. And the next request, say, are you sure you want to continue? Say Yes and forward and to continue with the installation. While not forgotten, your power to have this tool before joined to it. Because it everywhere can take 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the was installed to the operating system on the device. Once again, the reason why it can do is perhaps that you're going to get rid of this Mac Os X Utilities unit, or perhaps you are a donation to a school or something like that. You want the important information on this device. This is a great way to the factory settings. ,,.