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Like the rest of the world from drought at home perfectly smooth curl of hair only your style to make waves or a rolled curl well beautiful includes loop with the right tools, some professional good secrets and lots of practice. When are you waiting for? Start your engines. Because the connection shared tips for hair or not, use your own judgment, based on the results arrive. When Robert Schlag dries out, ensures that the use of any metal clips or salon to keep the section in the form of curves is full, is a piece of paper between the rotation and the clip. This prevents the formation of ridges next to the son. Barbara and Ken disagree with this thing. Even if air from the hair dryer, should be an easy task, can be many hidden drawbacks, that initiated their outputs at once, the less perfect for the living room. Why? three famous hair - she asked. they are sent every week by email with the coupon offers secret and a lot of hair, hairstyle, dance, beauty, fashion and health related to the Council. Another trick is according to Ken, Jessica Simpson hairdresser pavers, learning, a brush and a hairdryer for the same use. most people have with a brush in his hand and one dryer in the other to practice, so you dry successfully at the same time allows the anchor even the air flow hair high with the secret of the brush from the bottom. Ken? Practice, practice, practice. Hair salon celebrity Robert Hallowell recommends the divide and conquer method. by dividing the hair into several sections, are manageable horizontal 2-4 inches thick, you can cut off the rest of the hair of and there is less hair care at this time. This allows easier coordination between the brush and dry hair, because less hair in the game at any time. Some hair experts recommend that the hair is divided into only 3-4 axes. others recommend many smaller sections that are only 2-4 inches wide. Barbara says, ultimately, is better to work in a way that provides the best results for your type of hair and texture, and gives you the best control tools means that you can decide how many strands to create. Barbara emphasized that the hair dryer heat opens the cuticle and allows a style are made.Put an end to a section with a breath of fresh air and cold from the dryer will help to close the newly created texture or block the correction of the section. Start with the extreme heat and cold in each article before the style we want to build and then locked up. In the texture had desired recommendations kick, three experts (smooth, wavy, curly). Single coup stick, use of such products temporary smoothing straightening, creams, gels, balms, nail polish or any other liquid. Improve your braids with products, give your body and its definition. They promote natural waves with foam, gel foams and gels. Please note that minus the style used, the smoother game. all three experts recommend a heat protection product, if your hair is likely to damage. See an error, the barbarian made many consumers is that can shake the need behind your dry hair. That really has no advantage at all declared the nozzle because consumers worried about overheating tends to be vague once again, hair and single section how to avoid overheating shivering that you use the nozzle but an average temperature, the nozzle at least 6 inches to keep the head and there is no air flow to each section for a few seconds at a time. Although he explains by which bubbles the hairdressers look quickly can blow dry hair, dry hair Barbara Grund hours every day. over time you can get a very fast and efficient in dealing with your phone and even the toughest hairs, behavior. Barbara said that products with which you can make a difference in the results in the hair of the brush. It is an important consideration for the selection of products suitable for your style, texture and condition of the hair. Ken and Robert have agreed. Here is a general overview of the textures of hair and products drying times recommended. Cable fine and better with more light as foam or gel products / combinations of foam. Average behavior of texture more hair can easily be products such as mousse or gel and foam with creams, glazes, regular liquids and gels. Dense texture hair needs heavier as waxes, gels, creams or extra strong mousse products. Robert accepts that they direct the flow of air to the bottom of the fork. He explained through his famous clients on the set that you have in a Chair to sit and lay on them and dry up to bottom drying.In order to take the abuse of weapons. It is also true that people are in the House of drying must find a way of placing the dryer for that flow of air downward, Lhotan Barbara laughter and avowed comfortably on your head, thats not your hair to achieve or maintain as elegant as if it is made by a colleague of designer. the reason of this? There are several reasons and secrets of drying, Barbara decided to (with Ken and Robert), to share the following: many hair experts recommend, bend at the waist and dry with the son, the bowed head. Robert did not share this method and prefers dry hair in the normal position. indicates that when the blow to the head, the cuticles encouraging of course put the wrong direction. This can cause tangles of hair and difficult to control. Barbara and Ken Paves's agreement. Two prefer dry turn the son of its clients without them having to attract her. Barbara Mai-Mai returns hair, Barbara explained that to get this super look slim straight-line airflow from the dryer should be directed through the shaft of the hair from root to ends. It can be relatively simple, but really, this means that you need to raise the tip of the hair dryer on the head. This is not only a challenge for some people little armed, it can be very difficult to keep a hair dryer over his head for a long time. Barbara suggests, sitting in a Chair and the hair on the head and directly facilitates the flow of air from the tree for arms. Certain types of hair dry faster than others. Barbara showed that curly hair dries more quickly due to the structure of the hair that is always fully open. wavy hair dries quickly, although not as fast as the curls. straight hair in particular, dry if it is thick, slower road. Barbara said that the key to hair, requires balanced sides to be too moist. So, when working on one side of the head, while the other side dry serves this moist, with a bottle of spritz easily add back moisture and dry. Barbara trusts, large consumers to make it in one of the other hair errors tried to dry hair, which are too wet or dripping.Not a drop of hair directly from your hair products will be more difficult to manage both. Another error of direct heat in a section that is 100% dry, continues to recommend three experts, looks with a hair dryer. Ken opens drying for special occasions only goes as recommended. Barbara Lhotan agrees that you hair there is no better dry when a break between sessions. Robert Hallowell is okay, if you try your hair with much tenderness, escape with frequent meetings of drying, but also notice that give your hair a break from the heat that is always a good thing. (Barber, NY fashion markets worked), shares her secrets of drying. I specifically asked each hair experts, why you fly, Blow By Blow Hair wrinkled or curled always appear much better, styles, to create only when you make a professional appearance. Ken door opener her famous red hair that hung to literally as a pistol in his belt, explained the perfect trick shot came out with the right styling products and learn how to use appropriate brushes to get the results you want size at the same time the hair is dried. Robert Hallowell, said that there are several abbreviations that uses every day, because it works in the amount of Commander in Chief in a narrow trailer to hair and makeup and they have outputs perfect shot of much practice, the professionals, because it dries hair shot every day. Robert pointed out that it is always easier, great trip for outputs than if another someone to you, Barbara said that many consumers assume that you just fly your hair should be powerful dry hair, the use of professionals. Professional hairdressers need super strong in the dryer motors, is why have both customers every day from rap. for the consumer, Barbara stressed that it is exaggerated style hair dryer professional and really good cables can also apply heat, if this is attention of moderation. Ken, Robert and Barbara agreed that consumers in the highest quality colour hair should always be used. Since the hair weaker when wet is when additional Multi-Styler wet or damp hair. If possible, use a similar brush or wild boar. Note that a dish brush for straight styles encouraging brushed during a round brush for texture, volume and curl. change the size of the brush head as many hair that you use and how loose or tighter appearance or texture. If only dry bubbles, Robert Hallowell recommends a quality of boar-bristle brush to use the style palette, because the hair in the area more covers and reduces drying time. If you are using a flat brush, Robert believes that it can work it with large sections, which allows end quickly. Barbara, air concentrator advises to use, if you want to improve a straight stick or a long finger, waves or resolve diffuser lures consumers, the firing of slap at home must understand that a journey of perfect, straight, curly or wavy, takes time for a look. If you use a flat brush to straighten hair or an accessory for long finger diffuser to the promotion of lures and waves, Barbara should go very slowly and is interested in each each strand of hair to move to the next. Plan enough time hitting the shot, creating dreams of your model. Speed can be dried other problems lead to pop up and Frizz. While some types of hair and textures respond well in the fingers of the comb and mixing different textures Crespo. If your hair is prone to Frizz, keep fingers in your hair until it is 100% dry. Barbara specializes in curly hair made mention, that naturally curly are affected hands and fingers should be as little as possible when the spread or dry. Barbara, he pointed out that the key to a great blow to this is that the hair is 100% dry, although dry naturally bubble further than this point. How can determine if hot hair, hair dryer are in fact 100% dry matter? Barbara suggested, what to do what he does. He ended up a section of hair with cool or cold air setting. Then check with your fingers. If you have a hair dryer and a strand of cool or cold, invest in one. Robert warns against the use of a hot hair dryer or use at high speed. Notes, too much heat can flow or too high, blowing style and natural to remove curl or wave, if you blow the conspiracy to promote. When only bubbles, excessive heat can dry dry cables and lose this soft surface touch, that coup by the construction in your living room. Robert recommends that consumers face the sections more difficult their hair in the first place, each section may be for you.If before, it tends to wave, curl or development of models of the strange, these areas must be dry before sec, for thousands of hair, hairstyle, beauty, fashion and related topics. Please leave your comments. they are very popular. Look through our selection guide Fito to learn about which of these award-winning products is best for your type of hair texture and condition. ,,.