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. Go to our site's Member, where the same lessons are accessible to the download version. All shortcut step 31 more Spanish audio courses to learn Spanish advice too fast. Download the audio and advise on your computer and you're ready, begin to speak Spanish. If you're not computer they may prefer to learn how to burn the lesson on CD or transferred to a portable device like an MP3 player or iPod. In this way, you can learn Spanish while you drive, walk or in a comfortable place where you feel comfortable. There is a difference between the download instantly and delivered to your door version? The two versions are identical. The only difference is in the method of distribution. The home delivery version includes audio CD and a printed manual, which makes it easy as a pie to communicate in Spanish. Then, if you want to add audio, Spanish teams really begins to take off. Best of all, is a part of audio course exciting and fun. Find exciting speak Spanish more with each lesson. I am grateful that my child I mg 7120, install the printer PIXMA. But it's a very frustrating Silvia ​ g ​ experience. Obviously not included manual. Also, of course, I'm on the line and your website is really hostile user ​. I tried to read / see ​, which called the manual of your site, may not be download or print. So I give it, and with the help of my brother, I know. Really should be, complicate ​ d. I totally agree with Jennie! This process is not simple! I am no more forward with the process, when I was three days ago. Installation CD must be ​ to the user through the entire process go. We should not try downloaded idiot ​ & ​ info n g. finding a specific model of UAL, half-time brought manually to another Shortcut To Spanish Pdf Download series. The lack of detailed education ​ ns with the purchase of your product is not focused on service to the customer. Much improvement ​ te s needs or your customers will be in other products, that they are easy to use. ,,.