Home Decor 101: The Best Way To Decorate Your Bathroom

If you love DIY and home decor, and you feel your bathroom has needed a makeover for a while, but you don’t have the budget to have it redone, what is stopping you from doing it yourself? You can find lots of things online, and you can read the reviews Amazon has on its website before you buy anything to decorate your bathroom. So whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, a new rug, or some houseplants, decorating your bathroom has never been easier!

1. A New Layer of Paint

If you want to decorate your bathroom and give it a bit of a facelift, you’d be surprised by what just a little bit of paint can do. It can work wonders if you choose the right colors to suit the aesthetic and style of your bathroom. Just make sure you also invest in mold-proof primer and paint, which are a little bit more expensive, but it is worth it for the extra protection for your bathroom, which is moisture-prone. The best shades of paint for a bathroom are generally soothing blue, grey, and green neutrals. Any colors inspired by nature will create a relaxing vibe in your bathroom. If you prefer warm colors over cool, you could opt for pale yellow or warm beige.

2. Stick To Neutrals

In keeping with the neutral tones of your paint choice, it is best to stick to neutral colors for the big fixtures in your bathroom, and you can always accentuate this with pops of color here and there. In addition, neutrals are your best option if you buy any furniture or bathroom fixtures. Opting for neutral fixtures also helps to save costs. For example, white toilets, sinks, and bathtubs are on the lower side of the price spectrum and will create an aesthetic and cohesive look in your bathroom. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have color in your bathroom. You can add color in other places, such as a mosaic border, brightly colored towels, or artwork on the walls.

3. Add A Rug

Something as simple as a rug can make all the difference in your bathroom. A bathroom can be quite hard-edged with all the fixtures and features, so adding fabrics such as towels and a rug can add the softness and brightness needed in your bathroom. If you want the carpet to be another pop of color in the bathroom, just ensure that it matches the towels and the shade of the paint. Otherwise, opt for a simple neutral rug to tie the room together.

4. Decorate With Plants

To decorate your bathroom add something small and update it. A cheap and effective way of doing this is buying some houseplants and adding them to your bathroom. This is the perfect way to lift the small space and give it a new and fresh look. For example, you can add succulents to the window sill, a vase of flowers on the vanity, houseplants hanging from the ceiling, or even a potted plant on the floor.

5. Create A Gallery Wall

Another great way to lift your bathroom by adding something small is to create a gallery wall. First, you need some frames and artwork; you can try thrifting this. Otherwise, you can just have some small artwork printed. Try to stick to a general theme or aesthetic with the frames and the artwork. Then, when you’re done, simply hang them on an empty bathroom wall to create your gallery wall.